Reacher - Long 32in/81cm - 1pc - Feather Life

Longer Reach means less bending and stretching.

Extends reach by 29" (74cm)

Holds lightweight objects measuring up to 2-3/4 wide (7.0cm).


The Norco FeatherLite Reacher design offers five convenient features that allow items to be grasped easily:

  • Easy to Squeeze Trigger - Ergonomically trigger design minimizes the effort required to securely grasp objects.

  • Inlaid Magnet Tip  - The magnet at the end of the Reacher is useful for picking up small metal objects.

  • Pulling Lung - Use as a hook to pull up clothing or blanket that are out of reach. Ideal for people who have difficulty bending. 

  • Durable Light Weight Frame - This aluminum frame Reacher is ideal for holding lightweight objects measuring up to approximately 2-3/4" (7cm) wide and weighing up to 3lb (1.4kg)

  • Strong Plastic Jaw - The sturdy plastic jaw provides gripping power that assists in lifting objects with confidence.

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