Incense Cone Burner - Backflow Buddha on Lotus - 1pc - Yogavni

Material: Polyresin

Great Home Decoration and Aromatherapy Partner

How to Use
1.Choose a flat, windless (indoor) place.

2.Hold the cone from the bottom and lite up the tip of the backflow cone, blow out the fire after about 20 seconds.

3.The incense cone should continue to burn but the fire should be out.

4.Place the cone on the incense burner, and wait a for around a minute, the smoke will slowly stream down.

Good ornament for home decoration.
At home, lite an incense,for frarrance and comfort, and feel relax and calm.
Liting an incense while reading a book, while having tea, can completely relax, improve quality of life.
When performing gentle movement exercises such as yoga, meditation and so on, lite an incense to offer you better reception.

Warm Tips:
After cones is burned, it will leave yellow liquid and ash on the burner, you can wipe with damp cloth. 

Warning: Never leave the burning incense unattened or near kids and pets.

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