Why it’s so good for you to plant seeds and pull out weeds.
The list of health benefits gained from gardening keeps growing, and fans everywhere are ‘digging’ the rewards!
Gardening does more than just boost curb appeal and get your hands dirty. Studies show that it has benefits for our health, both mental and physical. According to a 2016 study, there are numerous proven outcomes associated with gardening. If you were thinking of spending the rest of your isolation indoors, think again. Now might be the perfect time to plant some seeds and pull out the weeds. Here are four of the health benefits of gardening.

Benefit #1: Lower Your BMI

The Body Mass Index (BMI) scale has long been used as a way to calculate body fat percentages. As we know, having a BMI too high for your age, gender, and frame isn’t healthy. According to one study, participants who gardened regularly had significantly lower BMIs than the non-gardeners. Why?

Gardening is as much a physical activity as a therapeutic one. You’re digging up the ground, moving soil bags, pulling out weeds, and patting down topsoil over seeds. There’s more exercise involved than you’re aware of. If you want to lose weight this quarantine, get outside and start gardening.

Benefit #2: Skyrocket Your Spirits

In 2016, NASA studied the effects of gardening on astronauts. They found that gardening from small pots with LED lamps was enough to boost the astronauts’ moods and lift their spirits. It relieved some of their stress and gave them an activity to practice mindfulness during.

If you’re on a roller coaster of emotions these days (aren’t we all), gardening might be right for you. Nurturing plants takes your focus away from your stress and makes you feel connected to nature. Plus, you get to spend time outdoors which increases your vitamin D intake.

Benefit #3: Improves Your Mental Health

Plans are uncertain right now and finding things to look forward to is tough. This can make you feel anxious and sad. When you garden, you’re restoring your hope for the future. You’re planting a seed which you believe will become a flower with the right nurturing. Yes, it’s symbolic. But it’s also effective. You can’t look forward to a spring vacation right now, but you can look forward to creating a salad just from the veggies in your garden. For many, that glimmer of hope brings joy and excitement.

Benefit #4: Lowers Your Risk for Sickness and Disease

We’re all washing our hands like crazy right now, but did you know that some dirt under your fingernails can be good for you? Specifically, dirt from the soil in your garden. It contains microbial organisms that co-evolved with the immune systems of humans. This bacterium can aid in your immune system’s vitality. While you still want to be washing your hands regularly, you can worry less about dirt from the garden.

Furthermore, one study found that gardening can decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke by 30 percent. This is because of the physical exercises included in typical gardening. Without knowing it, you’re strengthening your heart while tending to your sprouts.

Gardening is a therapeutic hobby that millions of people enjoy each year. Now you can indulge in your hobby even more because it is proven to be beneficial to your health.