5 Tips for Women over 50 to Achieve Tone and Fitness

As women over 50 continue to lose muscle mass, being committed to maintaining tone and fitness is a goal worthwhile achieving.

It's likely your personal health goals includes more tone and fit. Whether you are a women over 50 and committed to building strength, tone and muscle, consider these 5 tips to achieving your fitness goals goals.

Goal Setting – Take the SMART approach when setting health goals. SMART stands for SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RELEVANT AND TIME SENSITIVE.  Smart goals are an anchor to achieve success. By detailing what you are trying to achieve and hold yourself accountable with measurable results, it helps keep you focused and on a timeline. Goals don’t have to be complicated, just outlined so you can be reminded and kept on track. 

Daily Tone and fitness Routine – Health and fitness goals can be achieved in small doses. As women age, the intensity and length of the work-out is less relevant than keeping active every day. An active lifestyle is equally important to achieving health goals as a scheduled fitness class. A daily routine can include brisk morning walks, housework, (do not underestimate the effects of going up and down stairs multiple times during the day to do laundry or working up a sweat when washing or vacuuming the floors). A daily routine built around everyday activities will make it easier to incorporate into your health goals and commit to regularly. Think about how your current daily routines can work in your favour as you look to achieve your 

Strength Building for tone and fitness – After the age of 30, we begin to lose muscle mass – 3-5% for every decade afterwards. It’s important to find ways to strengthen your body and incorporate weight exercises into a daily or weekly routine. Building strength doesn’t have to be daunting and can be done without heavy weights or bench presses as you’ve seen at the gym. Get a set of elastic resistant bands and build strength anywhere – home, office or bring with you when travelling. Use them for your strengthening your arms, abs, legs  and more. Including wrist or ankle weights during a walk or work-out is another way to build strength.

Stretch Daily – A daily stretching routine is an important part of good health. Some of the benefits of stretching daily include increased energy, improved flexibility, increased range of motion, and so much more. Grab your yoga mat, your wrist/ankle weights and even your resistance bands and get down on the floor. Include a foam rollerwhich helps release tension in the muscles, relieves muscle soreness, and improves flexibility. Who would have thought something so simple can boost health and have lasting results!

Quiet Time – Building in quiet time as part of your daily routine is important for your mental health.  Quiet time helps your body and mind heal. It helps to reduce stress and allows you the time to connect with your inner voice. In a fast-pace world, it’s important to take time to disconnect from our devices, meetings, phone calls and even from our family to be still and quiet.

When you incorporate these tips into your routine, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple changes can amplify your life and your overall state of being. 

To help get you started, we’ve identified a few items that are a great addition to your daily health and fitness routine.