Crystals - Selenite - 3in/7.7cm Pyramid - 1pc - Yogavni

• Selenite Crystal Pyramid Height: (1.5in/3.8cm)
• Weight: (8oz/225g)

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A Crystal Pyramid is a fantastic conduit of energy. They can be used to charge other crystals and purify the surrounding area. Because of their shape, pyramids assist in removing the debris from each energy center (Chakras). Placing a pyramid nearby will unlock your living purpose and a new you will emerge.

Selenite is a Crown Chakra stone that is known for intensifying energies. It allows negative energies to be drained from within and instills a sense of calm and peace. This stone is said to offer clarity of mind and spirit, especially dreams, therefore, Selenite represents Intensity and Lucidity.

Additional Information:

  • 2-3 inches tall

  • Product of Morocco 

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