TENS Machine - Simplex 1 Chanel EMG Machine - 1pc - Neurotrac


Dimensions: 5in x 2in x 1in / 13cm x 6cm x 3cm
Weight: 0.22lb/0.1kg

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NeuroTrac SIMPLEX is Suitable for diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a wide range of muscle problems and physiotherapy applications such as incontinence, shoulder and neck pains, patellofemoral pain, repetitive strain injury, stroke plus much more.

• Single Channel EMG unit
• Optional multilingual computer database system
• Structured protocols for consistency of patient progress reports (software)
• Used as a EMG biofeedback training aid or diagnostic tool
• Measures EMG from 0.2?V to 2000?V Accurately
• Designed for a wide range of 
• Used as a learning tool for both patients and therapists with emphasis on improving rehabilitation techniques
• Produces and prints comprehensive patient progress reports of work/rest averages, onset contraction and muscle release times, peak values, work/rest average deviations (with optional software)
• Up to 10 meters of wireless (Bluetooth) connection for NeuroTrac™ Software
• Ability to lock the unit
• Records EMG statistics
• User friendly
• Compact, light and reliable
• Easy to use optional software available
• Low cost high quality and very accurate